Become a United Way Ambassador or Volunteer

Are you searching for an opportunity to volunteer that first with your busy schedule? The United Way Ambassador program may be just what you’re looking for.

Throughout the year, nonprofits contact United Way when they are in need of volunteers for an activity or event they are hosting. This might be sorting through donations, assisting Santa to distribute gifts, directing traffic, collecting needed items, serving food to the hungry, helping in the United Way office, or just anything that helps our nonprofits carry out their mission. When we receive a request from a nonprofit, we send an email out to all our Ambassadors with the information (time, place, possible physical requirements, etc.) and then it is up to the volunteer to decide whether or not they are available to help with that particular activity. Our only requirement is that when you are volunteering, you wear your United Way Ambassador t-shirt that we provide to all our Ambassadors free of charge.

Our nonprofits are so important to the health of our community, but they can’t do it without the help of volunteers. Our Ambassador Program lets you decide when you have the time to help.

Please download and fill out the form below.

Please email the form to Joel Lawrence at jlawrence@unitedwaydpc.org when filled.